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Electrical Solutions in Edinburgh


Keith Gunn have over three decades of experience providing outstanding quality electrical services to Scotland’s central belt and continue to grow and expand as specialists of lighting and electrical works.

Our exceedingly experienced team offer safe, efficient and top-quality work all at a competitive price. Their extensive knowledge and wealth of experience makes Keith Gunn Edinburgh’s finest electricians.

Our Team

Our team are the key to our success and are completely focussed on the Keith Gunn vision of providing first class service and delivering consistently outstanding results in every job we do, no matter the size.

Chris Harkins

Chris, one-half of our managing director duo, began his career with PJ Peloisi, a small domestic contractor. Wishing to gain commercial and industrial experience, he then progressed to Sturrock Power where he gained invaluable experience which would eventually aid him in his own venture, “Harkins Electrical Services”. During this time, Chris subsequently became a director of another award-winning multi-trade firm where he excelled until 2016, when he was offered the opportunity to join Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions.

Chris has since progressed to Managing Director of Keith Gunn where he has assisted the company's continued growth and expansion. Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions is one of Edinburgh's oldest, most trusted, and most professional electrical service providers, aiding in anyone’s electrical woes for over 30 years, and Chris has helped the company maintain and grow its stellar reputation.

Chris and Simon established Harkins and Vickers Electrical Solutions in Glasgow in 2022. This was done with the intention of providing our Glasgow clients with the same high-quality electrical service that we provide in Edinburgh.

Simon Vickers

The other half of our managing directing team, Simon, began his journey working under Mr Keith Gunn many years ago at the original ‘Keith Gunn Electrical services’. Simon is Keith Gunn’s nephew and helped build Keith Gunn’s original reputation in Edinburgh.

When Keith Gunn had to step down from his role for medical reasons in 2015, he trustingly passed the torch to Simon and Chris who established ‘Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions’ as we know it today. Simon has helped carry on the exceptional reputation and level of service clients of Keith Gunn have come to expect from the name and hopes to continue it on in Edinburgh for many years to come.

When the opportunity arose to expand into Glasgow in 2022, Simon and Chris used their own surnames to established Harkins & Vickers Electrical Solutions. Simon now applies the knowledge and skills he gained working for Mr Keith Gunn to provide an unrivalled electrical service to clients in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

David Norton

Operations Director for Keith Gunn, David has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of the electrical industry. He originally worked providing electrical solutions for large scale industrial projects in the commercial sector, such as the Novotel in Canary Wharf.

With David’s remarkable resume it was a no brainer to bring him into the team at Keith Gunn. David has worked at Keith Gunn for the past 5 years working with our domestic clients, giving him vast experience, knowledge and skill in all areas of electrical work.

Our Story

Our managing directors, Chris and Simon, have a long history of working together having moulded Keith Gunn into the incredibly successful and trusted business it is today. It was here that they further expanded their successful working relationship and developed a loyal customer base. Their consistently high standards made them the perfect people to take over the business once Mr Keith Gunn made the decision to retire. Their new expansion into Glasgow with Harkins and Vickers has offered up the opportunity to make something of their own all while holding the values that they align themselves to at Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions. Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions has built a loyal customer base who would be happy to recommend us due to the excellent service we provide which is evident in our online reviews.

Harkins & Vickers Electrical Solutions

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Founded by Chris and Simon, Harkins and Vickers have extensive experience in building Keith Gunn to what it is in Edinburgh. Their high quality of standards is now being brought to Glasgow with this sister company.

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Luxury Lighting Boutique

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Being one of the UK’s only chandelier specialists, we offer a wide range of spectacular, classic, and contemporary chandeliers. Working in conjunction with our sister company, Luxury Lighting Boutique, our team of electricians can fit any chandelier for you and have extensive experience installing chandeliers in the Gleneagles Hotel, The Hotel Russell and the Seamill Hydro & Yester Estate.

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