Making the Switch to Electric Vehicles Easy with Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions

Simon Vickers
18 Jul 2023
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Embracing the Green Revolution with EV Charging Points

The world of motor transport is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Electric cars once considered a futuristic concept, have now become a reality for many. As of the end of June 2023, there are over 810,000 fully electric cars on UK roads, an astounding jump from the 265, 000 registered in 2022. This growth trend is expected to continue skyrocketing, especially considering the recent establishment of citywide Low Emission Zones (LEZ) across the UK on June 1st. Many people commuting to work have begone question the future of their gas guzzlers and explore greener alternatives.

As cities continuously enhance their infrastructure, fast charging points are appearing at various locations such as gyms, supermarkets, and designated parking spaces. However, there are still concerns about the availability of charging points. At Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, we fully support the transition towards a greener and more sustainable society. We believe that this transition should be convenient and hassle-free for everyone.

One way to achieve seamless and convenient EV charging is by installing your own electric vehicle charging point at home. Compared to standard public chargers, home EV chargers offer significantly faster charging times. With a Level 2 charger (mounted wall chargers with around 240 charging volts), it typically takes only 4 to 6 hours to fully charge an electric car. Say goodbye to long waits at public charging points! Simply plug in your car overnight while you sleep, and wake up to a fully charged vehicle, ready to hit the road.

EV Home Charging Advantages

The advantages of having an EV charger installed at home go beyond convenience. With over 200,000 electric car owners in the UK, an EV-ready driveway can be an attractive addition for potential home buyers. It is estimated that an EV-ready driveway can add an average of £11.7k to the value of an average UK house. Considering that this premium exceeds the cost of installing a home charging point, home charging becomes an even more enticing investment.

As a trusted provider of both commercial and residential EV charge points, we have obtained accreditations from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and the Energy Saving Trust (EST). Being OLEV certified means that our company is officially recognized by a government body as an approved and preferred installer of electronic vehicle charge points. We are also approved by Pod Point, a leading provider of EV charge point technology.

Leveraging our expertise with our highly accredited team, we can install the 7KW Pod Point solo home charger, which offers fast charging, smart features, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This charger allows you to charge your vehicle three times faster than a standard 3-pin plug. It is compatible with all EVs and comes with a universal socket or a type 2 cable. Moreover, all Pod Point home solo chargers come with a free three-year warranty, providing peace of mind.

These accreditations enable us to offer our clients a pathway to obtain government-subsidized EV charge point grants, incentives, and funding, helping you save money while transitioning to electric vehicles.

Government Grants

If you're wondering about the grants and incentives, you may be eligible for, we are here to assist you. We understand that the financial challenges of transitioning to an electric vehicle can be significant. That's why we actively support our customers in obtaining government-funded EVHS grants provided by OLEV. These grants are available to renters, landlords, residents, and businesses, making it easier to secure funding for EV charge points. Reach out to the team at Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, and we will guide you through the process and help you access these grants.

At Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, we are dedicated to making the transition to electric vehicles as smooth as possible. Join us in embracing the growing movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

To get started, simply contact us using our enquiry page or reach out to us directly through the following details:

Phone: 0131 225 3205


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