Things That Might Require You to Call an Electrician

Chris Harkins
19 Sep 2020
chris harkins

Your home is likely to be one of the most important investments you’ve ever made, and for good reason, too.

You’ll want to protect your home at all costs and make sure that it’s a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones to live in, which means keeping everything running safely – as it should be.

There are many systems in place to keep houses functional, with electricity being one of the most important. How would you manage if your electrical system suddenly shut down?

Without central heating and appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions, you might find it difficult to carry out the daily routines you’ve come to rely on.

Faults with your electrics can develop slowly over time or at short notice. They almost always happen at the least convenient times.

This is where electricians step in. Armed with industry-specific knowledge and safety training, professional electricians know exactly what it takes to keep your home’s electrical system in a safe working condition.

If you’ve noticed any of the following faults or issues, it might be time to call Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions:

  • Your lights are flickering
  • You can smell overheating cables
  • Your RCD or circuit breaker is tripping
  • Switches or sockets feel warm to touch
  • Crackling noises or sparks are coming from switches or sockets

Remember, electricity can be dangerous. Don’t take unnecessary risks by attempting DIY repairs. Call your local expert at Keith Gunn Electrical.

Has Your Power Gone Out?

Power cuts are incredibly frustrating. You might be halfway through a season finale or working on an all-important work document. Whether you’re boiling the kettle or in a Zoom call, losing power can significantly disrupt your day.

If it’s only your house that’s been affected by a power outage, it might be a sign that there’s a problem with your electrical wiring.

In that case, you should consider booking a repair with a Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions electrician.

Have Your Power Outlets Come Into Contact With Water?

Water and electricity do not make a great pairing. They should never come into contact with each other.

If any of your electrics have come into contact with water, whether it be via a leak in your home or a household accident, make sure you turn your electricity off at the mains (if you can access them safely).

Move as many electrical appliances as you can away from the affected area.

Water and electricity can cause a fire, not to mention the risk of giving you a bad electric shock, so you need to take the right safety measures as advised by the experts.

Any power outlets that are damaged by water sources will require professional assessment, and damaged goods will need to be checked over and your home’s wiring system will need to be inspected (and repaired if necessary).

Can You Smell Burning Or See Smoke?

The smell of burning is never a good sign, especially when you’re dealing with electrics. If you notice a burning smell near your power outlets, whether burnt plastic or rubber, it’s essential to take action immediately; burnt power outlets could be a sign that something is burning in the circuit itself.

An unexpected power surge can cause a fire.

The same is true if you see smoke coming out of your power outlets or notice that they have become discoloured. A smoking power outlet is not something that should be ignored and may be a sign that an electrical fire is imminent.

If this is something you’ve noticed, switch off the power supply at the fuse box.

There are a number of reasons why your electrics may be burning. It may be that your circuits have been overused and overloaded, leaving your wiring vulnerable to damage, or that your wiring and power outlets weren’t installed properly in the first place. Whatever the reason, immediate action is necessary to prevent the damage from getting worse and causing an electrical fire.

Call Us For A Professional Electrical Service

Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions has over 30 years of experience providing first-class, quality electrical services to customers in Scotland.

You can request a free rewiring estimate at

Our services include:

We also have considerable experience in electrical projects involving historical homes and new build properties. Each requires its own approach and knowledge set.

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